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Description of Never After

Never After is an RPG set in a world of fantasy and fairy tales. Explore the city of Wonderland and build your own castle, which will serve as both hub and home in this incredible fantasy world populated with recognizable characters from beloved fairy tales.

As usual in RPG games, Never After lets you create your own main character belonging to one of five classes typical for this genre: knight, hunter, sorcerer, assassin, and bard. You can choose your character's gender and customize your face with all the options offered by the app.

At the beginning of the story, you'll see the different types of attacks you can use, as well as the special abilities that correspond to your class. Attack enemies in this magical world to earn resources, experience, and bonuses that will help you over the course of your adventure.

In Never After, you can meet other players in the multiplayer mode and fight alongside them in battles waged in the dungeons you travel through in this game. After exploring dungeons during the day, you can rest with your character in the castle you built in Wonderland, which is also your safe haven. Go on exciting adventures with characters like Little Red Riding Hood, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, and more beloved characters that you can recognize at first glance in this fantasy world.

Explore this world of fantasy and collect all the characters by downloading this APK.

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