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Noom Weight Loss Coach

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Description of Noom Weight Loss Coach

Noom Weight Loss Coach is an app that turns your Android into a personal trainer that helps you not only to lose weight, but also to be healthy and live a healthier lifestyle.

Noom Weight Loss Coach users will have to create an account so that they can keep a complete record of their weight loss activities.

It's important to write down everything you eat during the day: breakfast, lunch and dinner. You just have to start typing in the name of the food and Noom Weight Loss Coach will offer you different options. The app will then calculate the calories you consume.

In addition to the daily calorie tracker, Noom Weight Loss Coach can also act as a pedometer, indicating how many steps you take a day and how many calories that might burn.

Other interesting features of Noom Weight Loss Coach include the possibility of communicating with other users to create a support network, or simply to give advice and tips. You can also share popular recipes with other users.

Lastly, Noom Weight Loss Coach reinforces its users' good behavior with a great goals and rewards system that gives you 'nooms' (experience points).

Noom Weight Loss Coach is by far one of the best weight loss apps that you can find to help you lead a healthier life. As always, the most important thing is willpower, but Noom Weight Loss Coach can help you a lot if you have it.

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