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Description of Oil Tycoon

If your aspiration in life is to make a fortune in oil extraction, fight for your dreams. In the meantime, put your skills to work in Oil Tycoon, a simulator in which you can build your own oil empire. Get the material, sell it, build oil rigs, earn a fortune and become the tycoon you always wanted to be.

As you well know, big projects develop little by little. In Oil Tycoon, you will start yours with a small pump from which you will get your first drops of this precious material. From here, you must complete a series of quests to expand your purchasing power and your possession.

The gameplay in Oil Tycoon is quite realistic: once you have filled a drum of oil, you can go to the stock exchange, observe the values of this material (which will fluctuate very quickly) and sell it at any time you see fit. The money you earn can be invested in upgrading the extraction machines, adding more barrels, or buying new land to continue the business.

Throughout the games, you will find a series of bonuses to increase the amount of money you have faster. As you progress, you will unlock new locations and upgrades. There will be nothing to hold you back. You've always known that you have a natural talent for business. It's time for you to prove it in this entertaining game with colorful graphics and fun visual effects.

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