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Open Chat - AI GBT

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1.6.1 (Feb 9th, 2023)
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Description of Open Chat - AI GBT

Open Chat - AI GBT is an interesting application that allows you to explore all kinds of possibilities when interacting with the GPT Chat AI.

Using Open Chat - AI GBT is quite simple and easy, so that anyone can chat with this AI without any problems. When logging in, the application warns you that in the free version you only have 5 responses from Chat GPT. Before starting to write you can choose the interface and image that the artificial intelligence will take as you talk to it. From an adorable yellow animal to a pink bunny. Some of these options are blocked until you have a subscription.

When you are in a Open Chat - AI GBT chat, the artificial intelligence greets you naturally, showing that it wants to chat with you. Here you can start writing whatever you want until the 5 free answers available before moving on to the paid version through subscription are used up. Once you get the premium version of Open Chat - AI GBT you will have access to an infinite conversation with this chat to talk about any given topic or even if you just want to have a natural conversation.

The Open Chat - AI GBT interface is very simple, easy to use and intuitive, allowing you to chat with this bot in a matter of seconds.

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Feb 9th, 2023

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