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Description of PlayKeyboard

PlayKeyboard is a keyboard app that lets you customize your Android typing experience, to even the tiniest detail. But that's not all, you can also choose between several hundred themes and even create your own one using pictures or animated GIFs.

From the main menu, check out the best free themes available. You can download and apply any of them with just the click of a button. If for whatever reason you don't actually like how it looks, you just have to tap again to undo the changes and go back to your previous theme. You can also easily filter themes by color or check out only animated themes.

Without a doubt, one of the most entertaining features that PlayKeyboard offers you is that if you don't like any of the themes available, you can actually create your own. All you have to do is to choose a picture or an animated GIF, choose the opacity that you want to assign to the image, adjust the overall color of the interface, and name it. That's it! you're ready to apply your own theme.

The overall aesthetic customizing options are great, but they're not the only ones you'll find. Using the options menu, you can choose whether you want to set the first letter of each paragraph to appear as a capital letter by default, if you want to introduce special characters by swiping down or if you want to type a period by tapping on the space key twice, etc. You can also adjust the font size and even change the placement.

PlayKeyboard is one of the best keyboard apps for Android. You can have a nice and colorful keyboard as well as totally customize your typing experience, which is not something that other keyboard apps can offer.

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