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Description of PUBG MOBILE LITE

PUBG MOBILE LITE is a version of the successful "PUBG Mobile" created especially for lower-mid-range Android devices. The game offers practically the same experience as its "big brother", but takes up much less space in the device's memory and consumes a much lower amount of resources. In exchange, of course, you will have a smaller number of simultaneous players (60 instead of 100) and somewhat less impressive visuals.

The mechanics of PUBG MOBILE LITE are practically identical to those of the other versions of the franchise: your objective is to survive in a map that gets smaller as the minutes pass, until only one player is left alive. Achieving this, of course, will not be easy. Fortunately, you will have at your disposal a good number of weapons, vehicles and different pieces of equipment, which will help you to quickly dispatch your rivals. The catch? They will have exactly the same tools as you do.

The PUBG MOBILE LITE controls are fully customizable. By default you can move your character with your left thumb and control the camera with the right thumb. However, from the options menu you will be able to customize your experience to the maximum. You will have the possibility to move the buttons or change their size. You will also be able to decide your desired controls when you get into a vehicle: complex or simple. In short, you will be able to make the game adapt to your preferences and not vice versa.

The main difference between PUBG Mobile and this Lite version of the game is the number of simultaneous players that will participate in the battle royale. In the standard version of the game, up to one hundred players are launched onto the island; while in PUBG MOBILE LITE this number has been reduced to sixty. This, which may at first appear to be a drawback, turns out to be most refreshing. Why is that? Thanks to this reduction in the number of players, the games have a shorter duration, lasting around ten minutes, instead of the almost thirty minutes you might be used to.

An important aspect to keep in mind is that, despite the similarities, PUBG MOBILE LITE and PUBG Mobile do not share an account, so you will not be able to export data between the two games. You will need to have a different account for each of the two games, each with its own level, its own unlocked items, and even its own friends list. The reason is simple: they are independent games.

As with the other games in the PUBG saga, in PUBG MOBILE LITE you will find additional game modes, in addition to the classic battle royale. One of the most fun special game modes that you can find is called Warehouse. In this mode you will be able to participate in frantic 4v4 battles on smaller maps, creating an experience closer to that of the classic deathmatch games. In addition, you will be able to choose to play both with strangers over the Internet and with your friends.

Although this version of PUBG takes up less space, that doesn't mean you can't also enjoy special events. PUBG MOBILE LITE also benefits from all temporary events. This means that, depending on when you play, you will be able to enjoy new maps, new game modes, and of course new skins. The popular Payload mode, for example, was added during a temporary event and was so successful that it has now become one of the game's top modes. Something similar happened with the Ruins map for the 4v4 mode.

PUBG MOBILE LITE is an excellent game that manages to transfer the excitement of the original "PUBG Mobile" to devices with less power and memory, while maintaining all the quality of a great title developed in Unreal Engine 4. Thanks to the reduced duration of its games, you can also enjoy it at any time, anywhere, without needing to have at least half an hour free to be able to play. A real treat, which is sure to please fans of the franchise.


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