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Description of Racing Legend Funzy

Racing Legend Funzy is a car game for Android that transports you to different urban race tracks where you can have fun driving in exciting races. Your main goal during each game is to put the pedal to the metal in each car to overtake all your opponents and cross the finish line in first position.

Racing Legend Funzy lets you choose the appearance of your driver before starting your first races. Similarly, you can modify the different characteristics of the cars that you unlock in the garage. This way, in each race, you can enjoy all the horsepower you give to each vehicle.

One of the key aspects in Racing Legend Funzy is that all the action is displayed in 3D graphics when you drive your cars, meaning that all the races will be highly realistic. The controls are also intuitive, allowing you to drive each car pretty easily. On the right of the screen are two arrows to change direction. Meanwhile, on the left are the accelerator and brake pedals. Sometimes, whenever you approach a bend, you might want to try out the drift button to make the most of every stretch of road.

Downloading the Racing Legend Funzy APK for Android means you can play in emotion-packed races where you can realistically drive loads of cars. What's more, thanks to the entertaining online mode, you have the chance to compete against your friends in the same race.

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