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Description of Racing Limits

Racing Limits is a racing game where you can drive a ton of different cars and face challenges that will put your reaction abilities and speed to the test. Show off your passing skills and take each vehicle to the limit as you enjoy all different types of races.

The gameplay here is as simple as it gets. Your mission is to complete levels that'll have you putting the pedal to the metal as you race down the road at top speeds. To move from one side to the other and dodge all the obstacles along the way, you'll have to tilt your device. The more you tilt the screen, the more your vehicle will move, so you need to make sure you accurately gauge the distances and speed if you don't want to run into any of the other users.

To top it all off, Racing Limits offers a ton of different game modes so you can enjoy the experience exactly the way you want it. This way you can compete in arcade mode, where the objective is to beat certain levels; the infinite mode, where you'll race against yourself and your reaction abilities; a timed mode where you'll race against the clock; and the multiplayer mode where you'll compete in real time against the most experienced users.

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