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Description of Real Cricket GO

Real Cricket GO is a cricket game in which you can choose from more than a dozen national teams, including India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Ireland or Nepal, and compete in both quick games and international competitions.

Real Cricket GO has very intuitive controls, and even explains how to play just before each game. Just use the d-pad the left side of the screen to control the direction of the throw, and the button on the right control the power. But if those controls don't work for you, you can simply go to the options menu and choose one of the four different control options available.

At the start of each match, a coin is flipped to decide which team bats first, so you might have to adjust your strategy depending if your team bats first or not. Either way, your goal always to get a better score than the opposing team, so hit as many balls as you can all the way to the stands!

Overall, Real Cricket GO is an excellent cricket game that offers a wide variety of teams, various control modes, different camera views, and even two different game modes... all in just 35MB! And, as if all that wasn't amazing enough, Real Cricket GO also has some decent graphics. All of that in an APK that takes up less space than a five-second video.

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