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Description of Room Planner

Did you just move? Are you renovating your house? Do you want to redecorate a room? Then Room Planner is for you. Even if you don't have a project in mind but nevertheless enjoy interior design, this is the app for you!

With Room Planner, you can design your home just the way you like it and save yourself a lot of headaches. First, select the type of room you want: default or custom. This way, you can replicate your living room, bathroom, dining room, etc. Once you've decided on the room you want to decorate, you can start making decisions, like changing the floors, the walls, the windows, and more.

Room Planner has an extensive catalog of stores like IKEA and Amazon, with 3D models rendered to scale. That way, you can check how they look in your room, getting a good idea of how everything looks together and whether it meets your expectations.

Decorating is not easy. But now, thanks to Room Planner, you can replicate your home and start designing according to your preferences. This app also has a large community so you can get some extra inspiration and share your own ideas, too. If you like interior design and are looking for an app that lets you modify measurements, what are you waiting for? Download Room Planner's APK and get started!

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