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Description of Run Race 3D

Run Race 3D is a super entertaining game that challenges you to delve deep into different settings in order to reach the finish line in first place. To do so, you must jump, twist and turn to make sure you move faster than your rival.

Visuals in Run Race 3D are simple but it does include the essentials to keep you entertained for a good while. The 3D visuals will help you submerge yourself in 4 player rounds who'll run as fast as they can in order to reach the end of the journey. Otherwise, you'll be defeated.

Run Race 3D includes really simple controls that'll help you focus on your race. All you have to do is tap on the screen whenever you're ready to jump and you'll increase your character's speed. But, you'll need to be aware of each pit and curve so you can figure out the exact right moment to perform your stunts.

Run Race 3D will reward you with coins if you get a good score, which you can then invest in blocking new levels and features. Without a doubt, we're talking about a game that could seem basic but it's actually a lot of fun as you continue playing.

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