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Description of Running Shadow

Running Shadow is a game that mixes the traditional gameplay of the most famous 3D 'endless runners' like

Temple Run


Subway Surfers

with elements from RPGs and graphic adventures.

In Running Shadow the players control a master thief and assassin who, after robbing the Gauntlet of the Celestial Guardian, must flee all sorts of evil creatures, traversing the length and breadth of dozens of impressive settings.

In reality Running Shadow is not officially an 'endless runner', since each level lasts approximately a minute, and your aim is to reach the end alive. Nevertheless, gameplay is practically identical: you have to slide your finger sideways to move, downward to bend down, and upward to jump.

Besides dodging obstacles your hero can also make attacks. And not just that – you'll have to actually kill the enemies that appear in your path if you want to progress on your adventure. To do so, of course, you'll need to kit yourself out with different weapons that you can collect during your adventure.

You'll find a total of eight different suits to dress your character in and more than three hundred different objects you can collect and kit yourself out with. Besides all that, you can also learn different spells to help your hero along the way.

Running Shadow takes the 'endless runner' genre a step further and offers an adventure with a great deal of substance. The game's graphics are also excellent and look especially nice on the most powerful Android devices.

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