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Samsung Blocked calls-msgs

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Description of Samsung Blocked calls-msgs

Samsung Blocked calls-msgs is the Samsung app to block unwanted calls and messages on your smartphone.

When you block a phone number, the app blocks all incoming content coming from that number, whether it is a call, an SMS or an MMS. Thanks to this, if a phone number is bothering you, you can block it permanently.

You can block a phone number from three different places: from Contacts, from Phone or from Messages.

The most convenient way to block a number is via the Phone app. From it, all you have to do is press on the contact or number that called you and it will show the option to block it.

You can also do this from Contacts: go to the contact's file, tap on the top menu, and choose to block the contact.

Finally, in Messages, tap on the contact and go to the menu button at the top right. There, you will be given the option to block that contact.

So, if you have a Samsung device and want to block all communication with a phone number, don't hesitate to download Samsung Blocked calls-msgs's APK.

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