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Samsung Internet Beta

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Description of Samsung Internet Beta

Samsung Internet is the official Samsung browser that offers you a safe and private browsing experience and is perfectly adapted to Androids. Although it is technically adapted for Samsung Galaxy and Google Nexus smartphones, it works perfectly with almost any Android 5.0 or greater smartphone.

The first thing that might call your attention is that you can activate several extensions as soon as you start using Samsung Internet. The ‘content blocker’, for example, lets you eliminate annoying ads in any webpage while the ‘video assistant’ lets you effortlessly play any video.

Another great feature of Samsung Internet is that you can easily change the browse engine, from Google to DuckDuckGo, for example. Also, the famous ‘Amazon Shopping Assistant’ is available to you. This feature lets you automatically compare prices of Amazon products so you can be sure to always get the best price.

Samsung Internet is an excellent Internet browser that offers you a clean and elegant interface, a huge amount of features and an impeccable level of safety. This is a really interesting alternative for the Android browsing kings and queens.

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Sep 13th, 2022

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