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Description of Sargam: Free to Sing

Sargam: Free to Sing is an app for singing karaoke on your Android smartphone and sharing your performances with other users. The app is mainly aimed at users in India, so there are tons of songs in Hindi, as well as a few international hits.

In Sargam: Free to Sing, take your pick from hundreds of songs by all kinds of artists. To sing a song, just tap on the one you want and start singing. You can also watch other users' performances and even comment on them.

One of the most fun things about Sargam: Free to Sing is that you can perform duets online. Just find a friend who also has the app and then agree on a song. You can even sing songs with strangers, making friends with music.

Sargam: Free to Sing is an excellent karaoke app that transforms your Android smartphone into a veritable karaoke machine. You can also keep track of all your songs, friends, and followers from your profile.

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