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Description of Sasha Weather FREE

Sasha Weather FREE is a tool that provides you with the handy option to check the weather and gives you access to a huge amount of detailed information on weather forecasts for your city, or anywhere! With just a quick look at your screen, you'll know exactly what the weather will look like that day without having to go to the added trouble of opening up an extra menu.

This tool lets you know if it's raining this afternoon even before you leave the house. It'll tell you how hot it's going to be or if you'll be needing an umbrella or an extra sweater, for example. This app interface is really simple. First, you'll see current temperatures as well as perceived temperature along with a whole list of weather forecasts for this week and next, and the highs and lows for each day.

If you ever wanted to know a bit more about weather forecasting in your area in order to better prepare for the day ahead of you, look no further than Sasha Weather FREE. With just a tap you'll be automatically taken to a graph that shows you hour on the hour temperature forecasts, predicted precipitation, and other details like humidity, wind speed and more. Thanks to this app, you'll be in the know first hand on any weather pattern coming your way in your home city or anywhere else in the world.

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