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Sketchar is a drawing tool where you can take free courses to learn how to draw, edit your photos, and use AR technology in your projects. This app is designed both for people who are just starting out in the illustration world as well as for professionals in the industry who want to expand their knowledge.

With Sketchar, you'll learn how to draw from scratch with short courses that guide you through the creation process. One of the great advantages of this app is that you can draw while you learn, since the tutorials are dynamic and allow you to follow the instructions in real time, step by step. From the course menu, you can choose any of the available options, which include learning how to draw animals, portraits, landscapes, or food, for example. In addition, it offers master classes on how to draw freely and let your imagination run wild.

On the other hand, one of the strengths of Sketchar is its AR technology, which allows you to draw through augmented reality. In order to use it, you must open your smartphone's camera and point it at the object you want to capture. Once you've focused on your subject, you can sketch it by sliding your finger across the screen to make your first brush strokes.

Another great advantage of this app is that it has a large number of drawing tools and an almost infinite range of colors. Sketchar includes pencils, brushes, paintbrushes, markers, and, in short, just about anything else you might want. In addition, each tool offers the option to modify its thickness and opacity, giving you free rein to enjoy your creativity without limits.

Finally, Sketchar offers a fun mini-games section, designed to encourage creativity as well as test illustration techniques. Have fun with this special section as you improve your drawing skills with interactive and dynamic games.

Download Sketchar to improve your drawing skills with free courses, fun mini-games, and all kinds of tools. Learn how to draw portraits, anime, animals, cartoons, graffiti, and other interesting things, all thanks to this amazing tool.

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