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Sonic CD Classic is a 2D platformer starring none other than Sonic the Hedgehog himself — SEGA's legendary hedgehog from the '90s. In this free version for mobile devices, you get to play an adaptation for the classic game that was originally released back in 1993 on their SEGA MEGA CD console. Best of all, this full remaster by Christian Whitehead has managed to perfectly resync the original game controllers to touchscreens.

Your mission in Sonic CD Classic is to rescue Amy Rose and pick up all seven Time Stones before Dr.Robotnik gets to them first (aka Eggman). In order to move Sonic around all seven levels in this game, you'll need to keep in mind his newest prowess: time travel. In Sonic CD Classic, you get to rewind to the past, flash forward to a future point, or head back to the present, throughout the whole game. In order to cross over into another point in time, all you have to do is run full speed ahead using Sonic's time-traveling dash mode.

Controls in Sonic CD aren't too far off from other classic platformer games within this saga. Move around with a virtual joystick and jump using the only button available on-screen. Blaze forward at high-speed thanks to Spin Dash, one of Sonic's key tricks that were revealed in the original Sonic the Hedgehog 2. But, if at any point you need to abruptly stop playing, you can opt to save your game at that precise moment of play. Also, you can compete against other players worldwide and try to rank on the international scoreboard.

Sonic CD Classic is one of the best platformers to have come out yet for this saga, and certainly the most iconic of any SEGA game. Now you can play this game and many others thanks to the SEGA Forever line of re-releases that's rescuing tons of classic SEGA games, giving them a new home on Android.

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