Speed Test WiFi Analyzer

Speed Test WiFi Analyzer

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Description of Speed Test WiFi Analyzer

Speed Test WiFi Analyzer is a useful tool that gives users the chance to analyze their Wi-Fi connection speed, as well as check which Wi-Fi networks are around them and which channels are connected to find out if their own Wi-Fi connection is the strongest or if there is interference from other networks. Lastly, you can add rooms of the house (kitchen, living room, bathroom...) and pick up the connection levels in each room. In short, with the help of Speed Test WiFi Analyzer, users can find out all the details about their Wi-Fi connection in a matter of seconds.

The way that Speed Test WiFi Analyzer works is simple. In the app's main menu, you can see the range in the different rooms in the house. To do this, you need to first register each room in the house and then move from one area to another to find out how well the Wi-Fi reaches there. In the second tab, you can find out the upload and download speeds, which is particularly useful if you notice your connection speed is slow. In the third tab, there is a graph that shows the signal strength of all nearby Wi-Fi networks and the different channels they can connect to. This way, you can quickly find out which one you could connect to with added security. The graph contains the names of each network and a different colored bar for each network. In the other tabs, you can access the more detailed data regarding range and connection channels.

Speed Test WiFi Analyzer is a very comprehensive and useful tool that helps users find out every detail about their Wi-Fi connection to be able to optimize its daily use.

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