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Description of Stellar Browser

Stellar Browser is a very simple tool that lets you open your favorite pages everyday comfortably and easily. Browse just like you would usually, with the added bonus that this browser helps you day to day with its features like the option to highlight your favorite videos with a star, just with a single click.

Just like with other browsers, Stellar Browser allows you to open tabs, browse any page, and manage your bookmarked sites with just a click. That way you won't see any differences between this browser app and the one you've always used on your desktop. On the other hand, this tool has six different preset websites as favorites: Google, Facebook, YouTube, Dailymotion, Tumblr, and Vimeo. Most of them are available for you to download your favorite videos from with just a click on the orange button that appears each time there's an element available to download. Add any site to your homepage with your favorites and access them with just a tap.

Another of the great advantages in Stellar Browser is that it takes up a very small amount of space on your memory. It can also convert MP3s, it allows you to stop downloads, or pause them for later. You can also move the download button to anywhere you want so that it's never in your way. Thanks to this tool, you'll be able to browse as usual and download videos at the same time without having to resort to using two separate apps.

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