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Surgeon Simulator Doctor Games

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Description of Surgeon Simulator Doctor Games

Surgeon Simulator Doctor Games is an entertaining casual game where you play as a heart surgeon. The aim of this game is to perform open heart surgery without putting your patients in any danger.

This game begins when a patient arrives with a serious problem. In the first level, you perform a general check-up where you check his blood pressure and a few other vitals. In the next level, you use a catheter to clean his veins. Later on, you enter the operating room, where you open his chest, remove his ribs and lungs, clear out any vascular obstructions you find, introduce stents where required, and then close the patient's chest so he can start recovering.

Once your patient is cured, a new one will arrive with either a similar or different problem, and you'll restart the process by performing a general check-up and then moving to the operating room once the problem is identified. For each successful operation, you earn money that you can use to unlock special items in your inventory.

Surgeon Simulator Doctor Games is an entertaining game with a wide variety of activities. It's realistic enough to make the surgeries feel immersive without being too gory, either. In short, this is a great operation game for anyone who loves medicine.

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