Teen Patti - Indian Poker

Teen Patti - Indian Poker

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Description of Teen Patti - Indian Poker

Teen Patti - Indian Poker lets you play a few rounds of this special style of poker that originated in India. Basically, you play with only three cards, and the rules are a simplified version of those in traditional poker. The rules are so simple, in fact, that even if you've never played before you can learn how in just a few minutes. But mastering the game will take more time.

Even though the main game mode is the traditional version of Teen Patti, it's not the only mode you can play. There's also: Joker, AK47, 999, Muflis, 4X Boot, Banco, Revolving Joker, and In-Out. Each of these makes small changes to the game that offer a good amount of variety. You can also play individual games as well as tournaments. You can even create private tables for your friends.

With Teen Patti - Indian Poker, you can personalize the graphics of the game, changing the theme to whatever you want. You'll find a good selection of different themes, which come with an array of different dealers.

Teen Patti - Indian Poker is a fast and fun card game. It's a faster game than traditional poker, so you can play a few rounds in just a few minutes.

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