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Description of Tekken

Tekken is the smartphone version of the famous videogame saga developed by Namco Bandai. In order to adapt the gaming experience to the small touchscreens, the developers have opted for modifying the controls and do without the control stick and the virtual buttons in order to follow the latest standards of the Android genre.

The controls are a simplified reinvention that let you carry out simple and special attacks, protect yourself, and move around the screen. Although it may not seem like much, this small range of movements is more than enough to be able to offer you exciting battles where you’ll come face to face with some famous characters of the saga such as Kim Kazama, Paul Phoenix, or Nina Williams, among many others. As a huge added bonus, its absolutely spectacular graphics are just as good as in the original game.

The game lets you participate in a sort of story mode where you have to win battle after battle. You can also participate in daily events that last a certain amount of time as well as an asynchronous 'versus' mode where you get to fight against teams made up of other characters. The objective here is to earn items and special cards that can help you unlock new fighters or improve the ones you already have.

Tekken is an amazing Android adaptation of the acclaimed console saga. Although the game does stray away from its true competitive 1 vs. 1 essence, it is definitely interesting enough to be worth a try on Android.

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