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The Baby In Yellow

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Description of The Baby In Yellow

The Baby In Yellow is a first-person horror game where you find yourself in a house with a very strange baby. Your babysitting job seems normal until you realize there's something off, and the kid you're babysitting is more sinister than he first appears. After the success of this game on Windows, The Baby In Yellow is now available to play on Android smartphones, giving you another opportunity to scare yourself silly.

The Baby In Yellow depicts each of the rooms in the game's mansion with highly detailed 3D graphics. The sound effects add to the spooky atmosphere, too, and the story only gets scarier with each level.

To advance in this game, you'll have to complete the actions indicated on the left side of the screen. Tap on the virtual joystick to move around the setting while adjusting the camera with the controls on the right. You can also tap on objects, which is important to keep in mind, as some of them may be necessary to complete missions.

As you solve challenges, you'll learn more about the baby and why he acts so strangely. But don't let your guard down, because he can attack you at any time. Do what you can to solve the mystery behind this baby's strange behavior if you want to survive the night.

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