The bible quiz game

The bible quiz game

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Description of The bible quiz game

The Bible Quiz Game puts all your knowledge about The Bible to the test. Show that you really know the sacred book by answering all kinds of questions about it.

This app includes more than 3500 different questions that cover the entire Bible. You need to be familiarized enough with the text to be able to answer them correctly. There are more than 300 quizzes and statistics for each of them, so you can keep track of your results, both for the Old and New Testament separately. Some questions are about different characters in the Bible, others about quotes. There are two different modes you can play: the instantaneous mode, in which you immediately know if you failed a question or not; and the test mode, in which you have to answer 20 questions before knowing if you passed or not.

The Bible Quiz Game is one of the most comprehensive games you can find about this subject. If you are looking for a quiz game about the Holy Bible that actually presents some degree of difficulty, this is the game you need.

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