The Legend of Neverland (Global)

The Legend of Neverland (Global)

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Description of The Legend of Neverland (Global)

The Legend of Neverland (Global) is an MMORPG with anime aesthetics that takes you into a wonderful fantasy world where you have to stop monsters from attacking it.

Cabala was a peaceful world until it was attacked by monsters known as Yayoi. The Flower Goddess then granted the humans powers through the Flower Fairies in the hope that they would put an end to this threat. So begins The Legend of Neverland (Global), a story that will transport you to a beautiful world that's full of color and unforgettable characters.

Since this is an MMORPG, throughout the game, you'll see other players trying to complete the same missions as you. You can always join them, or you can play alone; it's up to you.

In The Legend of Neverland (Global), you can create your character by first selecting its class and then its appearance. Throughout the game, you'll unlock new armor and companions, as well as mounts. You can also acquire them with real money, but it's not mandatory.

The Flower Fairies will be your companions throughout The Legend of Neverland (Global). Thanks to them, you'll get special powers, and you can create your own equipment to combine different types and forms of combat.

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