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Description of Toca Life: World

Toca Life: World is a wonderful video game for all ages -- little kids and adults alike. And it's fairly similar to other titles within this genre like 'Miga Town'. Although now you get the chance to create anything you want in a full fantasy world packed with loads of different toys to play with and activities to discover: all for



In Toca Life: World, you arrive at a randomly computer-generated world that's unique specifically to you. Soon, you'll stumble upon your house where you live with a group of buddies. Then, you get to visit shops, dine at restaurants, get into theme parks and a whole lot more. Plus, just like in 'MigaTown', each part of your surroundings is there for you to interact with and enjoy. You can even craft new items by mixing the things you pick up and keep. For example, if you buy tomato and spaghetti, you'll prepare a delicious dish of pasta. If you throw together some rice and some fresh fish -- it's sushi!

When you get home, even though you'll find there are other roommates sharing your space, you still get to personalize your character and move in. You can even give your roomies the boot if you want to and opt to live solo. Regardless, you can still change things up any way you want. Likewise, you can move all the furniture around to get nice and settled in your new abode, customizing it any way you can think of. What's even cooler is that, for example, if you visit a shop and then go home, the things you bought will still be in your hands when you walk through your front door. Just like in real life. You can live a whole delightful virtual fantasy life packed with all kinds of fun details thanks to Toca Life: World.

Toca Life: World is a wonderful game with extraordinary graphics and nearly infinite possibilities when it comes to crafting and playing with almost anything you can think of.

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