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Description of Tower of God: Great Journey

Tower of God: Great Journey is the global version of this RPG based on the popular webtoon of the same name, which has over 6 billion views worldwide. Through an impressive setting, this game allows you to move through maps faithfully developed from the original story.

One of the key aspects of Tower of God: Great Journey is that the protagonists of the game have some of the most varied and surprising abilities. It should be noted that, from the first few games, you will be able to equip your heroes with unique skills and various weapons and items that will help you defeat the enemies.

To increase the fidelity with respect to the original webtoon, Tower of God: Great Journey offers you the option to start your journey in this universe with characters such as Bam and Viole. In the same way, by completing missions in Revolution Road, it will be very easy to obtain valuable rewards, such as weapons and elements with which you can equip your heroes. In addition, the striking 2D graphics are coupled with a simple control system that does not involve any difficulty when executing attacks or moving in any direction around the levels.

What's more, Tower of God: Great Journey also allows you to join forces with other players to form a team. This will allow you to demonstrate different skills that, combined together, will be of great help to advance while defeating evil.

Tower of God: Great Journey is an impressive role-playing game with a universe and characters that catch your attention from the very first levels. Through addictive mechanics and a simple gameplay system, this title will appeal to both fans of the original webtoon and new players who want to discover the intricacies of this story.

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