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Description of Traffic Tour

Traffic Tour is a 3D racing game that puts you behind the wheel of more than 20 different cars to drive through different landscapes. As usual, you start out with just one car, but as you win races you can unlock lots more.

You can pick from different control schema to drive your cars – use the gyroscope on your Android, the regular buttons, or a virtual steering wheel. Whichever you opt for, you're in for a smooth ride. And don't forget that you can also drive in first- or third-person perspective.

Traffic Tour also offers several different game modes. On the one hand there's the 100 missions, where you have to face exactly that number of different challenges. On the other hand, you can play in infinite mode, driving until you can't drive anymore. Plus there's the online mode where you compete against other players on the Internet.

With the money you earn, you can upgrade your cars. Obviously the better your car is, the higher your chances of beating your opponents online and getting awesome rewards.

Traffic Tour is an excellent driving game with a ton of content, cars, tracks, settings, game modes, and types of cameras. Just in case all that's not enough for you, it also has great visuals.

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