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Description of Typewise Keyboard

Typewise Keyboard is a keyboard app for Android that, in the words of its own developers, offers the first experience designed specifically for touchscreen devices. This is why, to begin with, the keys have a hexagon design, making them 70% bigger than normal keys.

Once you've installed and activated Typewise Keyboard, it's a good idea to complete the brief tutorial that you'll find in the app. It'll only take about two minutes to learn all the shortcuts on the keyboard, but it's not too complicated. For example, to make a capital letter, you just have to touch the key and slide up. Likewise, to add an accent mark, you just have to touch a vowel and slide right.

Like usual with most modern keyboards, Typewise Keyboard includes an intelligent autocorrect feature that gradually learns how and what you tend to type. This way, after just a few weeks of using the app, any small mistake should be corrected instantly.

Typewise Keyboard is an excellent keyboard app that's available in 40 different languages. This version of the app is completely free, but you can also purchase the PRO version to get tons of additional features and customization options.

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