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Description of Water Sortpuz

Water Sortpuz is a puzzle game similar to many others such as Water Sort Puzzle or Ball Sort Color Water Puzzle, where players must distribute the colored liquid inside the tubes so that there is only one color per tube.

The gameplay in Water Sortpuz is exactly the same as you may have already seen in these other games: in each level, you'll find a series of tubes with different colored liquids inside. Your goal is to make it so that each tube contains only liquid of the same color. To be able to move the liquid between the tubes, you'll have to keep in mind three things: you can only pour liquid either into an empty tube, one with liquid of the same color or into tubes where there is still space. With these simple rules in mind, the idea is to redistribute the colored liquids until there is only one color in each tube.

The first few levels in Water Sortpuz are very simple and help you to get used to the mechanics: you'll find empty tubes that you can easily deposit liquids into, there are two or three colors to play around with, and little else. However, as you progress, the difficulty of the levels will also increase, and you'll have to make more moves until you succeed in sorting all the liquids perfectly.

Water Sortpuz is a good version of this puzzle game, whose standout feature would be its graphics, which are very well-developed and cute compared to some of this genre's other games. It's the perfect game for training your mind while having some fun.

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