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Description of Words Of Wonders

Words Of Wonders is a game where you can prove how much you know about the most iconic monuments in the world. All you have to do is put the letters in the right order, filling in the crossword on each level.

Gameplay in Words Of Wonders is pretty simple and similar to other games like Palabras Conectadas. Also, as you play the different levels, you can learn interesting facts about the most famous monuments located all over the world.

To put the letters in order, all you have to do is tap on the first one and then draw a line through the following letters, in order, without lifting your finger. This way, you can string together words that are related to the image in the background. If you're stumped by a word, all you have to do is use a wildcard to remove some letters or get another clue.

Words of Wonders is a simple game that will test what you know about famous architectural feats. Form words and fill in the board letter by letter as you learn all about some of the most impressive places around the world.

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