World Cricket Championship Lt

World Cricket Championship Lt

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Description of World Cricket Championship Lt

World Cricket Championship Lt is an entertaining cricket game that puts you in the shoes of a star cricket player. Your objective is to lead your team to victory in all of the game's three modes: World Cricket Championship, World Premiere League, and Super Fantasy Cricket League.

In this hectic game, you have to choose your favorite team, focus on the ball, and hit it as hard as you can. The farther the ball goes, the more time you have to run and earn points necessary to win the game. Before playing your first big match, you have to complete a tutorial that helps teach you where to stand in the field and how to hit ball properly. After the tutorial, you're on your own; but if you still have doubts about how to play against your rivals or you simply want to improve your technique, you can always play in practice mode.

In the most important games, you can hear the crowd go wild, encouraging to do your best with every hit. You have to be sure to choose your team's lineup carefully and make sure every stands in the right position according to their skills.

Challenge your friends by connecting the app with different social networks and show everyone you have the best reflexes and skills. Win the league by beating every single team, and make enough points to purchase better bats to help you keep your winning streak.

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