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3.2.9 (Aug 30th, 2022)
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Description of X Launcher

X Launcher is, as its name suggests, a very interesting launcher with which you can give your Android device the characteristic iOS 13 operating system aspect. This will be a perfect opportunity if you want to change your device's appearance and operation completely.

The procedure to be followed to apply X Launcher on your smartphone is characteristic and well-known in applications with the same purpose. After installing it, you should select it as the main launcher. The design will then change in a matter of seconds.

The look and feel of X Launcher is simple, elegant, and modern. It will remind devices with the iOS 13 operating system –as sliding down, you will enter the control center, where you can configure the wifi, network, brightness, and volume, and even take pictures quickly. As is characteristic of these devices, you will find the application manager by swiping up. If you swipe to the left on the desktop, you can check the weather and climate, as well as search for applications. In turn, all application icons will be rounded, and Google Chrome will change to Safari.

X Launcher is an elegant and minimalist launcher that will give your smartphone the characteristic look of devices with the iOS 13 operating system.

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