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Description of Yalla Ludo

The app Yalla Ludo brings the classic board game parchís (also known as ludo) to your Android device. Players can play against the game's AI or randomly assigned online players.

Yalla Ludo is easy to use: simply choose your opponent and the number of players at the start of the game, and let the fun begin.

Yalla Ludo starts with a parchís board, and the gameplay is nearly the same as the classic version: once you roll a six, you can move a game piece out of the home base (where your four game pieces start), and the goal is to move your four pieces to the area in the center of the game board that is the same color as your pieces. To do so, you'll have to strategically move your pieces. Although most of the gameplay of Yalla Ludo is the same as the Spanish version, one difference is you can't block other players (in the Spanish version, you can place two pieces on certain spaces of the board to block other players).

Yalla Ludo perfectly adapts a world-renowned classic board game to touchscreen devices. With smooth gameplay and an attractive design, this app makes it possible to have a good time anywhere.

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