YouTube Music (Android TV)

YouTube Music (Android TV)

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Description of YouTube Music (Android TV)

YouTube Music (Android TV) is the official YouTube Music app for Android TV. With it, you can listen to tens of millions of songs directly on your Smart TV. As with the mobile version, you can view the video of any song you're listening to if it's available on YouTube. You can also activate subtitles if the video offers them, helping you follow along with the lyrics of the song and even translate them.

YouTube Music (Android TV) allows you to listen to songs on a Smart TV for free even if you haven't purchased a YouTube subscription. With the free mode, you'll encounter ads, and you can't download anything. If you pay, on the other hand, these ads are removed, and you can download content to listen to it offline; you can also play music in the background even if your screen is off, which is ideal for saving electricity and avoids damaging the screen if you have an OLED TV.

As with the mobile version, YouTube Music (Android TV) shows playlists and recommendations based on your tastes, suggested thanks to data like the music you listen to, your location, and even the time of day. It also shows you new content released in the last few days, as well as lists of the most popular content in your country.

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